Saturday, December 24, 2011

WiShinG TiMe...25 DEC 2011

To all of u, who know me...i would like to wish u all have a blessed CHRISTMAS and hope u all will have joy on this Holy day....God Bless U...and by the way HAPPY NEW YEAR...muaaackk

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mari Mari Cultural Village- where i find my love...

Ok...let start with Mari Mari....Mari mari means come come in English...which mean this village is always inviting people to come and visit....the tread mark of this cultural village is" as it was , as ti is"....this cultural village is consist of five houses which belong to the different tribe in Sabah, Malaysia...In Sabah itself, we have more than 32 tribe here and i am one of kinda proud hahaha......Mari Mari Cultural Village is one of the best cultural village in's been awarded " best innovative tourism attraction..." hahaha...actualy this story is not about this village but it about something that already found here which is "LOVE"...i met with this girl when i was first time enter this village...we been crush to each other for a long time...i don't know that she has a feeling with me...someone told me that she being crushed on the same time, me also the same so i take this opportunity to tackle her and guess what...she's mine...hahaha her name is's like spanish name but i don't long i love her so much.....heeeee